RaceReach helps Event Directors, Coaches, Club Leaders and Sponsors create great experiences for athletes.

Complete Event Management

Participant registration. Full promotion and marketing suite. Peer-to-peer fundraising. Volunteer management.

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Enterprise Solutions for Series Owners and Timers

Designed for enterprise partners who manage multiple events in a series.

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A National Network of Endurance and Running Clubs

Providing unparalleled group management tools to club leaders and offering events and sponsors better ways to support athletes and participants.

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Event Registration and Club Management


Go to to my club, event, series, offer or order form

Event Director, Promoter or Timer

Go to the Event Director race or event registration and series management platform

Coach or Club Leader

Go to to Club Apps to setup or manage my group, team or club

Event or Club Sponsor

Go to Sponsor Match to manage my deals, offers and advertising to thousands of athletes

RaceReach Products and Solutions

for Event Directors, Coaches and Club Leaders


RaceReach Event Director is the only event registration, promotion, volunteer management and fund raising platform you will ever need. Setup is faster, participant fees are lower, and registration and sponsor promotion are all in one place, with one login and one management interface. Registration and the promotion tools plug into your existing website…or RaceReach generates and hosts a great event website for free. Our platform grows your event by promoting your discount code or deal to all the clubs in our expansive network. The result is higher participation amongst friends and club mates.


RaceReach Club Apps make it easier to manage your club or coaching clients while making the experience more fun and engaging for everyone. Sign up members or clients, collect dues, access membership information online, provide a member directory and publish your club calendar to your club website and Facebook page/group. The calendar supports invites, optional registration fee collection, RSVPs, activity completion rewards and a directory of where members are racing. Install the apps easily on your club website, Facebook page and on mobile devices.


Offer a deal, coupon or other incentive to events and clubs. Give the incentive the widest audience possible by making it available to events, clubs and participants everywhere. Or only target a specific event(s) or club(s) near you. It’s the  new way to sponsor events and clubs.


Create a spectacular order form and then share it with a group on your website, on Facebook, via email or in a link. Give your customer or member an option to pay securely online or by check. Use features like Pre-Order, Upselling and Store-Mode to capture additional sales. Manage all the orders and money online. No more spreadsheets and checks!

What our partners say about RaceReach

Event Directors, Coaches and Club Leaders

In 2013 California Triathlon looked high and low for a team management tool. We were lucky to find RaceReach.  2,000 members and 11 Chapters later we are now in a position to introduce California Triathlon across the USA. We wouldn’t be where we are today without the platform and the support from the RaceReach team.

Thom Richmond

President, CalTri

We use RaceReach for participant registration, volunteer registration and much of the online promotion of the Race 13.1 Series. The platform has helped our event series grow aggressively, with more participants and more locations. RaceReach let’s us offer season passes, multi-event deals, participant points, sponsor activation and much more. The entire platform is white-labeled right into our website.

John Kane

CEO, Race 13.1

Club Apps has significantly streamlined the management of our triathlon club communications. With the calendar and group messaging features, we’re able to schedule group training sessions and races and manage attendance through the site. The integrated club store also allows us to sell team apparel, club membership, and even registration to our managed events. The option to integrate all of this into our existing website was a huge plus too.

Alex Rogezenski

President, MRA Multisport

RaceReach EventDirector has provided FS Series an enterprise registration and promotion platform for all our triathlon, running and swimming events. The ability to offer and track discount codes and affiliate links allows us to promote to new audiences and track where our registrants are coming from. We also love the ability to offer athletes flexible incentives for participating in multiple series events.

Jason Biggs

Co-Owner, FS Series

Athletes Using RaceReach

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